Rick is a Certified Health Coach, Author, Nutritional Educator and Speaker, and an internationally recognized and highly sought after HTMA (Tissue Mineral Analysis) Practitioner helping clients balance their minerals for improving health.  Taught directly by several of the most respected and longest practicing 'mineral practitioners' in the world today, he has been gifted with training in this field that very few others receive.  Backed by well over 3000 hours of additional research into minerals, and with close to a thousand clients worldwide, he is a leading expert in the field of mineral balancing and tissue mineral analysis.  

He is also one of the world's leading experts in copper toxicity, a mineral imbalance that silently affects a large percentage of the population, especially women. Triggered by the deep pain of seeing how this mineral imbalance affected a loved one, the widespread medical and social ignorance surrounding it, and choosing not to turn away but rather elevate support for those affected, he went on to create what has become today the Internet's #1 education and support resource on the topic ( 

It's become his mission to educate and bring awakened awareness to this specialized yet fundamentally important aspect of nutrition in the hope of seeing a better world where people are empowered by the knowledge of how minerals affect all functions of health, and are more fully informed about the nutritional and supplement choices they make.  

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Inspiration * Transformation * Nutritional Education

Advocating the advancement of awakened nutritional awareness, providing informed consent for women

on birth control, helping those affected by copper toxicity, and improving education in the role

mineral imbalances play in physical and mental health, energy, and relationships.

Working Together   I am proud to bring my experience as a holistic health coach, my leading expertise in the field of copper toxicity, my work as a nutritional educator, and my advanced understanding of mineral balancing to both the individual seeking better health as well as to health practitioners. 

Mineral balances affect everything from our ability to handle stress, to our emotions (and relationships), to our energy (adrenal health), digestive functioning, neurotransmitters levels (and mental health), to weight (and thyroid health), to cholesterol levels (and heart health), and much much more. Relationship counselors, cardiologists, physicians, fitness trainers, nutritionists and mental health counselors can all benefit their clients further by understanding their client's mineral levels. I am happy to provide my services to practitioners who wish to better serve their clients by having a more complete picture to work with. You can learn more about this here. 

Rick Fischer

The Healing Workbook

My latest book serves as the ultimate practical guide to healing illness and injury. This book is a powerful, transformational tool that offers thousands of answers for everything from obesity and diabetes to toxicity and cancer. I believe healing ultimately begins in the mind (our conscious outlook & subconscious patterns & programming), and in our gut (where 80% of our immune system is based).  

The Healing Workbook uses an integrative approach that views the body and mind as a whole, addresses the true source of pain/illness, and helps heal from within, in an interactive, action-oriented format. The book also serves as a great roadmap to overall prevention and living healthy.

Mineral Mastery

This online course teaches what almost all nutrition and medical schools fail to teach - the important connection between minerals and health. Balanced minerals lead to good health. Imbalanced minerals lead to disease. This eye-opening course is unlike any other, diving deep into this mineral connection in what really should be essential health education that everyone has the right to receive.